What was once lost has now been found...

About Us

The Hidden Treasure Trove was founded by Tracey McKay. Tracey is an award-winning designer who knows how to keep ahead of trends and offers unique, beautiful and bespoke hand painted furniture.

She is colour confident and knows all about the power of paint what what is can really do. She takes her expertise and years of experience to make things come alive. Tracey is always happy to assist you with schemes of colour and design as well letting you browse around the amazing studio.

"My passion is creating design with colour, its so therapeutic. I believe painting can nourish your mind body and soul not only as adults but for our kids as well in painting."

Tracey McKay

Award Winning Design

Such an amazing achievement. We won best business award in 2021 and we thank everyone that had a part in making this happen. 

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